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When we do something for our body, we also do it for our mind.


At the beginning of 2017 I started to take a closer look at the tattoo phenomenon, but in its broader aspect. It has an extraordinary impact. One of the basic functions of tattoos in the past was belonging (to a tribe, community). In its original form, getting a tattoo was a moment of transition between stages in life. Nowadays tattooing can also symbolize a change on a mental and/or spiritual level. Sometimes it may (but does not have to) take the form of a transcendental experience.


Why geometric style?


Geometry has been known since ancient times. It is based on cognitive reasoning: proportions, points and segments. It is a play of forms of the world around us. I remember that as a kid I was always enthusiastic about geometry in math class. Later I developed this passion in high school and college, as well as professionally in graphic design. In addition to graphic design I was involved in vjing. Most of this work was improvisation from previously prepared material. I mixed various images: mandalas, geometric forms, abstract structures, as well as original film material. Sneak peak especially for good music, techno, electro...


Currently, I am slowly returning to painting. I also willingly spend my time and money ;) on vinyl records, mainly electronic, instrumental and jazz music.


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