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I approach each job individually. My patterns are original and I prepare the designs on the day of the session. Before any tattoo, the key is to talk, build a relationship and set a direction together. It's generally good to be open. I use stencils or draw on the skin (freehand) and we develop the project together from session to session. I will make a design, e.g. of the entire sleeve, if for some reason I think it will make our cooperation easier. Some designs require a design session (without tattooing) where we create a concept and match the stencils to your anatomy. The design session is paid (priced individually).


I do not send patterns and designs online. If you would like to make an appointment, please send a message via the contact form or send an e-mail to kurylak.tattoo@gmail.com


Write something about yourself, describe in your own words what you would like and where on your body. Add attachments: inspirations or photos of my works. You may (but do not have to) include a photo of the area to be tattooed.


You can also arrange a consultation first, which we can conduct in the studio, over the phone, or via Skype or Facetime. For this purpose, please also send me an e-mail.


I will reply as soon as possible.


How to prepare for a tattoo session?


Before the session, you should avoid exposure to the sun, especially the place intended for tattooing, drinking alcohol, and also take something to change into (possibility of getting dirty with stencils and ink, which in most cases does not wash off), something to eat and drink, something sweet, Flip-flops/slippers may be useful (you can feel comfortable in the studio).


During the session (before, during and after stencil transfer or drawing with a marker), try not to touch the disinfected skin with your fingers or blow on the skin to clean it. The skin is prepared for the treatment.


While tattooing, do not touch or blow on open skin. During breaks, I will protect your tattoo with protective foil.


After the session, I protect the fresh tattoo with foil, an absorbent dressing or second skin foil. You should refrain from training at the gym, swimming, staying in the sun for a long time and also avoid the solarium and sauna for about 2-4 weeks. The tattoo should be washed and lubricated with healing cream. I advise against drinking alcohol, even in small amounts, throughout the healing period.


I only use sterile, disposable tattooing materials and ink with the REACH (Registration), (Evaluation), (Authorisation), (Restriction of Chemicals) certificate valid in the European Union.


I don't mind one person accompanying if you feel the need. Just please let me know in advance that you want to come with someone.


The studio is a treatment place, so it's better to leave your pet at home, under supervision of course :)


To reserve a date, a deposit is required, either by bank transfer or via PayPal.


I will provide the exact address and directions after making an appointment.


After setting the date: in the event of cancellation or postponement of the session, please let me know at least two weeks before the agreed date, otherwise the deposit is non-refundable. The session can be postponed a maximum of 2 times.


I make an appointment for any corrections after healing (approx. 2 weeks), but the maximum time for a free correction is two months after the tattoo is made, so please contact me and send a photo immediately after healing. Two months after getting the tattoo, all corrections are payable.


I have gift vouchers for tattoos at the studio. To purchase, please send a message via the contact form or e-mail. Please write who the voucher is for and for what amount. It can be purchased for cash at the studio, by bank transfer or PayPal. I write the voucher by hand, you can collect it on site after making an appointment or I can send it by InPost (shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer). The issued voucher is valid for half a year (unless otherwise decided, e.g. by contest). The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. After prior arrangement, it can be transferred to another person.

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